Design thinking User-centered approach that seeks to solve complex problems through empathy, experimentation, and iteration. Canva Ideal practice to understand and present a business model in an objective and structured way Kanban Visual method of project management that allows teams to visualize their workflows and workload. Design PMV Design tool, strongly anchored in the task of defining the final product before starting to build it.
Pivotear Changes applied at the right time in order to improve the business model, the hypotheses about the product and the growth engine, all of which must be oriented to the identification of new market opportunities. Learning by doing Is based on experimentation. It is about developing skills in a real context, to learn to solve the real problems that the person will encounter in the world of work Kaizen method It is based on the constant evolution of the processes that make up the business production system, establishing certain quality standards and constantly measuring the achievements.
Metric Whose results allow establishing an assessment of the actions that are being carried out. Testing Compare two versions of the same web page or application to see which of the two versions is more efficient Validation Evaluate software according to business or customer demands during or at the end of the software development process.